Todo lo que escribo es una mezcla de ficción y realidad.
El mundo exterior está estrictamente mezclado en mi cabeza, y filtrado bajo mis parámetros.
Cualquier parecido con la realidad puede ser o no coincidencia.

Arthemis Dench

Million Dollar Deathbed (The 21st Century Dilemas)

"I'm going to make it. I'm going to be a star. You know why? Because...I have nothing left to lose." (Marry The Night Fragment) 

Bombed since birth by the american dream, even though you are meant to live at the bottom of the pyramid

When you are raised by the computer real life has no appeal
And your brain is so consumed by the things on the tv, 
you become just so adictive to the movie stars leftovers

If  life becomes "hollywood or bust" then I'll take a cubicle and dream/regret of what I could have done with life

Vocation or bringing money home? 
"You only live once" well the schemes will have to disagree with that
Oh the 21st century dilemas
You wanna travel the world but end up buying a silver frame for a diploma instead of a ticket
Will you fill your brand new apartment with regret of not getting in that plane?

I'm not asking for a house, children or a car, 
Maybe i just need my pills, a bed and wifi

Living with your parents doesn't seem so crazy now?
I bet you miss when you had time to rebel, trouble and philosophize

Welcome to the real world, isn't it just lovely? 
Don't you just love the smell competition in every corner? 

If you give me a just taste of bittersweet success i'll ask for a whole bottle but i wouldn't dare to share
Oh this 21st century dilemas
Is never enough, there are no codes, no boundaries, no barriers , no end
You just wanna make, at any price, at any cost, no matter what you have to face

No time to fake it, born and start to make it, earn the dime
Family, friends they are distractions and admirers, there is no space for bounds or burden
My fear drives my greed which drives me to unsuspected places in this madness race 

You don't know what you want, but you have to have it
You don't know who you are, but you'll be what they are asking 
So enjoy those millions dollars in that deathbed, you well deserve them, 
you dragged all your life for this, now, how will you spend them?

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